All Funeral Services!

It is no longer necessary to go and order different services in multiple locations in order to organize a dignified funeral service. At Tartu Krematoorium it is possible to arrange all details of a funeral, starting with transportation to our morgue from all over Estonia or abroad, to interment of the urn or coffin. Please come to our office at Rahumäe Cemetery, Jaama 122, or call our 24-hour telephone 748 7108.

Cremation Funeral

There are several different ways of organizing a cremation funeral. The most popular and easiest way is to hold the ceremony at one of Tartu Krematoorium’s chapels. The ceremony is held with a closed or open coffin. There is a funeral speech, music, candles and coffin in the chapel – a tradition Estonian funeral ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the coffin is removed from the chapel and the mourners go take their flowers to the graveside or go straight to the funeral luncheon. The urn with the ashes will be given to the relatives about a week after the ceremony. The burial of the urn usually takes place within a smaller family circle.

Another option is to hold the ceremony with the urn – the deceased is cremated and the urn is placed in the chapel instead of the coffin. A traditional ceremony is held, after which the urn is taken from the chapel to the cemetery and buried.

In 2012, we opened a second, smaller chapel next to the big chapel. The small chapel accommodates up to 30 people for a ceremony, and the big chapel accommodates over 150 people.

The ceremony may also be held elsewhere: at the local cemetery’s chapel, church, place of work, home, etc. This requires the purchase or renting of a coffin from the crematorium, which is then transported with the deceased to the chosen venue. At the end of the ceremony, the coffin is set on the hearse and driven back to the crematorium. The mourner may then go and enjoy a funeral luncheon. The urn with the ashes will be given to the relatives about a week after the ceremony.

Grave Funeral

Tartu Krematoorium also organizes grave funerals, starting from transportation and ending with interment.  We have a wide selection of coffins available to choose from. Tartu Krematoorium’s hearse.


Funeral Service Contract

From 1998 it is possible to preorder services of Tartu Krematoorium. It is possible to organize one’s own funeral ceremony and pay for these services according to the price list that is current on the day of the signing of the contract. Tartu Krematoorium guarantees the rendering of the services detailed in the contract upon presentation of the contract.



Tartu Krematoorium offers the widest selection of urns in Estonia. There are more than 100 urns from different materials (dolomite, artificial marble, wood, veneer, hardwood, and ceramics) to choose from.