Tartu Krematoorium

Tartu Krematoorium and funeral bureau is located at Rahumäe Cemetery in Tartu, at Jaama 122. Tel (+372) 7487 108 (24h)

Affordable cremation and grave funeral organization all over Estonia. Morgue 15€/24h.

Information and 24-hour transport at (+372) 5860 6000.

Cremation and grave funeral organization all over Estonia. All funeral services in one place.

  • Largest selection of urns
  • Large selection of coffins for grave funerals starting at 175€
  • Two chapels for funeral services
  • Affordable transportation from all over Estonia and abroad. NB! Transport from TU Hospital to Tartu Krematoorium is FREE!
  • Presentable hearse “Volvo V90
  • Washing and dressing
  • Morgue
  • Granite tombstone 108€
  • Organization of funeral ceremonies all over Estonia
  • Paperwork (acquisition of medical death certificate, registration of death, documents from abroad).

Transport 24h

We transport the deceased to our morgue around the clock from anywhere in Estonia. Please call 748 7108 to order transport. We also offer repatriation services to and from Estonia.

Grave funeral

Tartu Krematoorium also organizes traditional grave funerals, where a ceremony in a chapel, church, or graveside before the coffin is buried.

Cremation funeral

The cremation funeral ceremony is held with an open or closed casket, and after the ceremony the body is cremated. In case of an urn funeral, the body is cremated beforehand, and the ceremony is held with an urn instead of a coffin.

International transport

We offer repatriation services to and from Estonia. We have all the necessary equipment for transportation and experience regarding paperwork abroad. More information..

A large selection of urns and coffins

We have the largest selection of urn – over 100 different urns are always available from wood, dolomite, metal, ceramics, and plastics. We also offer a wide range of coffins.

Funeral service contract

From 1998 it is possible to preorder services of Tartu Krematoorium. It is possible to organize one’s own funeral ceremony and pay for these services according to the price list that is current on the day of the signing of the contract.